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Advantages of new type metal crusher

Broad scope of broken is the first condition of metal crusher recognised by users, for users to use more environmental protection and energy saving metal crusher series equipment Shuangxing Machinery again metal crusher production, increase the product model, to improve feed nozzle sizes, in all aspects of technical improvement is hope metal crusher can better service for investment metal crusher users. Metal crusher model is very complete at present, in order to return both old and new users Shuangxing Machinery have been factory price sales.

Advantages of new type metal crusher

1, the new type of metal crusher has a strong adaptability, the equipment has a strong adaptability to the types of materials, humidity and different grades.

2, Shuangxing Machinery metal crusher all use sieveless plate structure, cancel the old crusher under the sieve plate, using the involute tooth plate structure, enhance the material moisture adaptability, discharge smooth. The second is the gap between the crusher rotor and tooth plate, according to the material humidity, fineness and so on at any time through the mediation mechanism to adjust, can effectively prevent plugging. The third is the screw arrangement of hammer head, which can effectively prevent and clear plugging.

3. Controllable particle size: the product particle size is determined by the rotor speed, the gap between the rotor and the tooth plate and the length of the tooth plate. Rotor speed according to the crushing ratio and discharge fineness determined generally unchanged. The gap between rotor and tooth plate is in accordance with the law of gradually decreasing the gap between the tip of hammer head and tooth plate, until the bottom reaches the minimum gap, so that the material in the crusher smooth flow, gradually broken; And the tooth plate adjustment is secondary adjustment, can quickly adjust the gap between the hammer head and tooth plate, to control the product output particle size. The tooth plate is provided with a removable movable section, which is convenient to adjust the length of tooth plate to control the particle size of the product.

4. Low power consumption: the crushing process is mainly completed by impact. The material has a small squeezing and friction effect between tooth plate and hammer head, so the powder and power consumption are small. Flexible connection between hammer head group and hammer disc can avoid excessive power consumption.

5. Good environmental protection and energy saving performance: the overall structure design of the equipment is advanced, the sealing performance is good and the noise is low, which avoids the blowing dust brought by the equipment in operation and meets the requirements of environmental protection.

6, convenient maintenance: equipment in addition to hammerhead, tooth plate wear, other parts almost no wear, therefore, maintenance and maintenance work is very little. Due to the reasonable structure design, when repairing and replacing the worn parts, the inspection holes at both ends and shells on both sides can be easily replaced without removing other parts.

Good products are used out, or Shuangxing Machinery do not have a lot of friends introduce their friends to the factory to see the machine, try the machine.

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